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“I’m glad that I found Affinity Guru! On the very first consultation I felt a lot of care and support as if I went to a doctor to heal my illness that I call – “the absence of my husband.” I was very happy to start this program, because if I want to move ahead, I need to take first steps, and I did. I am thankful that people like Michael from Affinity Guru exist and who are helping others with these sensitive issues. I can assure you that you need a second someone to solve these kind of problems, you can’t do it alone. Right after my first consultation it was easier to look at the guys and I even got a fan! It’s nice to feel yourself a woman and to know that someone likes you!”

- O.T.

“Just enrolled onto this program and doing my first exercise: did not expect a lot of results right away, but they still came! My attention on the past relationship is gone, but before I was constantly “chasing cockroaches in my head back and forth”! Very cool exercise! It really helped! Even got the desire to go on a date again! That, I thought, will never happen! Well, and just in general, became more confident myself. In short – this program is superb! It actually really works! Thank you, Affinity Guru!”

- E.K.
“Oh yes, only one interview on this program is worth everything! I felt so much such care and desire to help me! I felt that I am being understood and really acknowledged.”
- A. A.

“I want to give you a great acknowledgement for all what you are doing with the Affinity Guru program – you are describing your observations of life and the most painful “buttons” that most people have and then you are giving them workable solutions and helping them to look at their situation and to do something about it. I read all your articles about relationships, I have made my conclusions and in 3 days I have found my man!!! We already knew each other. The first question he asked me was: “Will you marry me?” And my answer was: “Yes!” Before that, I was divorced for a year and a half and I was looking for my “ideal man” for a very long time. I’m very happy! My son is on the ”7th heaven” and was looking towards this outcome for a long time, was asking me every month if I found myself a husband. Thank you very much for this powerful program, Michael!”

- D. K.
“Another big thank you for the wonderful article! I agree very much with everything, especially with the dinner, which man prepares, although, sometimes it is okay to skip it. It really all depends on the circumstances! And it is very cool, of course, what you said about perseverance! So, thank you for what you are doing with this program and a very big respect for teaching the young people and giving them knowledge to build a happy relationships!”
- K. V.
“Hello! I want to thank you for your articles!!!!! Yesterday I read them until five in the morning! I could not come off, so the data are clear and specific. So much fell into place in my head. THANK YOU!!!!”
- R. M.
“A story about how Affinity Guru saved my life! At first, I thought I should write in a third person – like it is not about me. But then decided to just tell you how it actually was! I had a problem with my relationship. Or rather say, that the whole area was a big problem. It lasted 13 years – my husband did not live with me. It’s was all very confusing and difficult, I am not going to get into the details, but simply stated – we did not live together, however we got 3 children together over the years. I decided to write Affinity Guru, because I understood that he is some kind of cool analyst with lot’s of abilities to help people with relationships problems. Need to mention, that he is not the first one I was seeking help from. Within first hour (or less) of our interview he “forced” me to look at all the disadvantages and what these disadvantages mean! He just broke it down to me. It was very painful, it was terrible, not nice andI was very ashamed. But! I finally looked at it! LOOKED AT IT! I cried, of course, but then, to my surprise, I felt a HUGE RELIEF! I decided to break off this relationship. I even told him: “It’s like after childbirth – all hurt, but soooooo muuuuchhh relief!” Any woman would understand me. I could not sleep the whole night. But, to my own surprise, I came up with so many solutions for my new life! I realized that everything is easy now, everything can be solved. Because, even an absence of work, or 3 kids, etc, is not an excuse for getting monetary support or “presents for the kiddies” from someone, who is invalidating and belittling you. Thank you very much, Affinity Guru!!”
- E. K.
“Excellent articles! Very, very valuable. They give a full picture of what to strive for, for both men and women. So everyone can think about it and make an adequate assessment. And there is no such thing as “one is in exchange with the partner”, but the partner is just “allows you to love him.” Thank you, Affinity Guru!”
- Y. V.